Cash Management with Paragon Bank


No matter what business you are in, how you manage your cash is key to being successful. Paragon Bank offers a complete suite of cash management tools for businesses of all sizes.

Our cash management experts can create a customized solution that helps keep your money working as hard for your business as you do. We will take the time to get to know you and your business, and offer suggestions and best practices from our extensive experience with other successful businesses.

Cash management tools we offer include:
• Cash Management Internet Banking
• ACH – Automated Clearing House
• Wire Transfers
• RDC – Parateller Remote Deposit Capture
• Lockbox with Imaging
• Merchant Bankcard
• Sweep Accounts
• ZBA – Zero Balance Accounts
• EDI – Electronic Data Interchange
• Insured Cash Sweep
• Electronic Federal Tax Payment Service
• Direct Deposit of Payroll
• Positive Pay – a fraud prevention service to protect against check fraud
• Paragon One Card – Purchasing Card
• Payroll Cards

Other Services include
• Payables Management
• Receivables Management
• Liquidity
• Fraud Prevention

We can create a cash management partnership that builds your bottom line and saves you time using these tools. For more information, please call Mark Nance, FVP of Treasury Management, at 901.322.0610.

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