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Paragon Bank Honored for Healthy Work Environment


Paragon Bank was recently awarded the 2014 Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award for the State of Tennessee. The Tennessee Psychological Association (TPA) presents the award annually to recognize innovative companies that implement programs to foster employee health and wellbeing. Considering these workplace statistics on employee recognition within the United States of America are at rather shocking numbers, this award comes very welcomed. Recognising all that employees do for a company is highly important, they want to feel like they are contributing and are doing a good job, so showing them that they are beneficial to the company in ways like this, can help boost productivity and morale, employee recognition should be something that happens continuously. Creating a positive working environment is an important part of any company. It is stated that companies that work with teambuilding in mind are able to improve company productivity, and employee morale. It is also estimated that most engaged companies had five times higher total shareholder return than the least engaged companies. Through teambuilding and employee recognition Paragon Bank was able to come away with a win.

“This recognition is incredibly meaningful for our company because of the effort we put forth to create a positive workplace environment,” said Robert Shaw, Chief Executive Officer at Paragon Bank. Creating postive working environments is so important for a lot of employees, it makes them feel comfortable at work. It’s not just employee benefits that can do this, it could also be workplace health and safety that makes people feel content at work. Knowing that your building is safe and secure can make people feel a lot happier, which is why this company has installed various safety signs around the building to try and keep employees informed of any potential hazards. This helps them to stay safe, reducing their chances of accidents or injuries. This is something that more workplaces should consider doing, it could help employees to feel safer at work.

Paragon Bank was nominated by Dr. Robert Bloom, Ph.D, President-elect of the Tennessee Psychological Association and chair of the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Committee. The selection committee recognized the Psychologically Healthy Workplace initiatives implemented at Paragon and how they complement the vision for the bank.

Areas evaluated for the competition include the following:

· Employee involvement

· Health and safety

· Employee growth and development

· Work-life balance

· Employee recognition

“Creating a healthy, high-performing organization requires more than offering wellness activities or desirable benefits,” said Dr. David Ballard, Ph.D, Assistant Executive Director of Organizational Excellence of the American Psychological Association. “Done well, psychologically healthy workplace principles are ingrained into the very norms, values and beliefs that are part of an organization’s culture.”

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