Paragon’s Grove Park Banking Center Hosts Bodine School Field Trip



Paragon National Bank opened their Grove Park Banking Center to Ms. Martha Shaw’s class of second graders from The Bodine School recently.

The students took a field trip to learn about how banks work and about saving money.  The students were given a tour of the banking center by Grove Park Banking Center Manager Debby Allen.  

Allen spoke to the group of nine students about the various types of currency, the principles behind how a bank works, and how to manage their own money, among other topics. Many students brought their own bags of coins for one of the highlights of the trip—Allen showed the group Paragon’s coin counter and they each put their change in the machine and took their receipt to the teller to receive their cash.

The Grove Park Banking Center is the only branch of Paragon’s to offer a coin counter, as well as Paragon Jr.—Paragon’s children’s banking center.  Paragon Jr. offers a child-sized check stand with practice deposit slips and checks and instructional coloring books to teach children about banking.

“It was a treat to have such a bright class come to learn about money and banking,” said Allen. “With our children’s banking center and coin counter, our bank is a great place for a learning field trip for any small class.”

The Bodine School is a leading Mid-South institution designed specifically for the dyslexic student. Their mission is to teach children with dyslexia to read and succeed, and enhance literacy and educational outcomes for children and adults.  To see photos of the event, visit Bodine’s blog at

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