Online Banking

Technology makes it easier than ever to take care of your banking needs whenever you choose. Our cutting-edge online technology makes your personal banking easy and reliable from anywhere, anytime.

• The Basics: Check your balances, pay your bills, view images of cleared checks, search for transactions, and make transfer to any of your other accounts through our online banking portal.
• Consumer Apps: Our online loan applications let you get your loan process rolling from the comfort of your own couch (or desk).
• Bank-to-Bank Transfer: Enroll and verify your external account and start transferring the very next day.
• Bill Pay: Pay all of your bills in one setting and even set up recurring payments.
• Alerts: Stay connected to your account activity by setting up alerts for ACH activity, cleared check items, and more.
• eDocuments: Beat those stacks of paperwork on your counters and enroll in paperless statements for convenience, security, and sustainability.
• Security Tokens: For a nominal fee you can have a personal security token that generates a six-digit code you enter with your normal login credentials for added security.
• My Paragon: Customize your online banking experience on your personal homepage with up to date account activity and removable widgets that allow you to see what’s most important to you.
• Person-to-Person Payments: Send money to an individual simply by entering their email address.

From online banking, here are the simple steps to take to send a Person-to-Person payment:
1. Click the Bill Pay tab.
**For this example, the payee will be new and paid via email.**
2. Click the Add Payee (+Payee) button.
3. Enter the payee’s contact information and click Next.
4. Create a keyword for the payee to verify their identity and click Next.
5. Because a new payee has been created, you must verify their identity and click Next.
6. Retrieve and enter the activation code to finish creating the payee.
7. Back at the Payments screen, locate the payee’s name from the payee list.
8. Enter the payment information and click Pay.

The payee will receive an email with a link to finalize the payment. They will confirm the keyword and enter their banking information, and the money will be on its way. Any future payments made to that payee will be sent right away, requiring no intervention by the payee. If the electronic payment is completed by 2:00 pm CST on a normal business day, the funds will be in the payee’s account the next business day.