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A Decade of Traveling the World: Paragon Bank and NCC’s Spring Jam


During the first week of March, Paragon Bank team members “travelled” down Poplar Avenue and “landed” at the Neighborhood Christian Center (NCC) to help volunteer for a team-favorite event: Spring Jam. Each year, the NCC welcomes over 1100 Memphis-area school children and sends them on a simulated trip.

This year’s chosen country was Chile. Students arrive to the NCC and head to the post officer to receive an official passport, the nurse’s station, the bank and then board a plane before landing in the host country. This year’s Spring Jam features four Chilean cities, a market and a restaurant. Team Paragon helped build the façade of a Chilean hut located in one of the Chilean cities and foliage that will be scattered throughout.

“I love volunteering for the Neighborhood Chirstian Center’s Spring Jam,” said Mark Nance, First Vice President —  Cash Management. “It’s fun, creative, and let kids see just how big the world can be.”

Nancy Walls, Assistant Vice President — Community Development Officer, agrees. She’s volunteered numerous times in the past 10 years of Paragon’s partnership with NCC.

“Volunteering for the Neighborhood Christian Center’s Spring Jam is always a no brainer for me, not just because I’m the Community Development Officer, but because I was once one of the kids in the community that had an opportunity to explore,” she explained. “Spring Jam always the kids to see how other cultures live, as well as teaches them what to expect and prepare for when taking trips in and out of the country. It’s truly a blessing to see.”

Nancy, along with Jon Bragg, 1st Vice President, Private Banking, also manned the Paragon Bank banking station during the Spring Jam event. They gave each student participant a brief description of what Paragon does, and explained the currency exchange rate for Chile. They also distributed faux Chilean pesos, so participants could shop and purchase items in the Chilean market.

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