Paragon and Society of Entrepreneurs Host Small Business Seminar

Paragon National Bank and The Society of Entrepreneurs teamed up once again to host the Third Annual Small Business Seminar, where local businesspeople were invited to a catered lunch to hear an influential and accomplished speaker.

This year’s Small Business Seminar took place on Thursday, November 6, at the University of Memphis Holiday Inn. Over 80 local businesspeople were in attendance.

This year, the 2006 speaker, Ed Horrell, returned as the keynote speaker to present new findings from his work as the leader of the Kindness Revolution. The revolution emphasizes treating your customers with respect, empathy, and kindness in order to build customer retention. While it seems an obvious enough concept, Horrell noted that many businesses in Memphis simply don’t consider kindness when serving their customers. Since customer service is a top priority for Paragon, as well as members of The Society of Entrepreneurs, the Kindness Revolution is always a relevant topic, and is certainly even more relevant than usual in these challenging financial times.

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