Tools & Resources

Want to save trees and easily access banking statements online? eDocuments lets you do both. Instead of receiving a printed statement by mail, we’ll email you when a new document is available for secure viewing.
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Guardian Text Alerts

With Guardian Text Alerts from Paragon, you’ll receive a text message every time your debit card is used. This allows you to detect fraudulent activity much more quickly, saving you frustration, time, and money.
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Your Rescue Kit

Way too many nice people stick with not-so-nice banks because they’re worried about what will happen when they switch banks. That’s why we created the Rescue Kit. It’s a step-by-step guide to make sure your transition to Paragon Bank goes smoothly. Download your Rescue Kit.

Token Security

The security of your finances and financial information is our top priority. Token security goes a step beyond your username and password to provide a unique security code for banking transactions. If you have a web-enabled mobile device you can use the virtual security token. Without web access, you can use a physical security token, which can be kept under lock and key.
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