Saving & CDs

Savings accounts, CDs, and IRAs

Whether it’s your emergency cushion, rainy day fund, or future retirement, you want savings vehicles that balance interest, risk, and access. We’ve got plenty of options — savings accounts, CDs, and IRAs — and they all come with the friendly, personal service you only get from Paragon Bank.

Type of Savings Minimum Daily Balance Required Monthly Service Charge Interest Payment Withdrawals
Paragon Savings $100 Service charge if balance is below $100 Monthly 6 free per month
Debut Savings
(Available until age 18)
None None Monthly 6 free per month
Affinity Money Market Savings $1000 (or combined relationship of $5,000) None with balance over $1,000 or combined balance of $5,000. Monthly 6 free pre-authorized transfers per month, 3 may be by check
Sterling Savings
Age 50 and over
None None Monthly 6 free per month
Certificates of Deposit (CDs) Ask about our flexible terms and competitive rates.
IRAs Ask us how to maximize your IRA investment for returns and tax savings.