Person to Person Transfer

Out to dinner with friends and forget your wallet? No cash to pay the babysitter? Person-to-Person Payments allows you to send money to an individual simply by entering their e-mail address.

See the step by step process to use P2P Payments below!

To begin using P2P Payments, the sendmoney widget needs to be added to your MyParagon page by clicking Configure This Page in the top left of the page.


The widget configuration options will appear. Click on the plus symbol next to sendmoney in the right column, and be sure to click Save.  The widget will now appear on your MyParagon page.

Now you can send money to someone by clicking Click Here within the sendmoney widget.
Your first time accessing the P2P feature will be unique. You’ll have to select the one account from which all P2P transactions are paid. Please choose wisely as this selection cannot be changed without the assistance of Paragon. If you do end up needing this changed at any time, simply contact us at 901.273.2900.
You’ll need to complete the personal information form and agree to the terms and conditions to proceed.
The name and email address of your first payee will need to be entered. You’ll also create a keyword. This keyword is extremely important as the payee will need it to complete the verification of their account and complete the funds transfer.
Once you’ve created the payee, the system will need to verify that the request is indeed legitimate. You’ll be provided a code via your choice of phone call, text message, or email.
Once you receive the activation code, you’ll be required to enter it into the field. The new payee creation will then be complete.
Finally, you’ll be able to review the payment information and even include a personal note. The personal note can be used to thank the recipient or simply tell them the reason for which the payment is being made.
You’ll then be given the recipient’s required steps to finish the transfer. The recipient will receive an email informing them of a pending payment. Again, they’ll need the keyword to complete their half of this first-time payment. Once completed, we’ll send you a notice and the pending payments will be processed. All future payments to this payee will process immediately and require no further action.
You can click the My Account tab to view payment history, status, and more. You can also edit or even stop a pending payment.