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Discover how the Memphis economy and local consumer confidence have changed in the past year, and how this could affect your business, through informative data compiled by John E. Gnuschke, Ph.D., and a senior economist.

Gnuschke has been studying the Memphis economy since the late 1970s and has seen many changes in consumer sentiments throughout the years – which informs his in-depth analysis of what consumers think about their finances now and in the future.

The 2021 study also accounts for complications many local businesses face due to COVID-19 and the current economic situation’s effect on how consumers view the future. This additional data and analysis are designed to help local businesses develop their COVID recovery plans while continuing to find opportunities to thrive.



Download the report to understand how Memphians:

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Have changed their attitudes in the past year.

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Picture the local economy in the next year to five years.

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See their buying power changing.

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Anticipate spending on major household purchases.

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View the area’s job market now and looking forward.

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Think about the COVID economy.

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