About Us

We’re a different kind of bank

We’re Paragon Bank. When you bank with us, it’s like banking with a neighbor. You know us, and we know your business. You can trust us to make decisions quickly. Plus, your money stays in your community. And there’s no downside because you have access to the technologies and solutions you might only expect from big banks.

Our banking model is rare. We focus on friendliness, relationships, helping you grow your business, and making life better in the communities we serve. The seeds that would become Paragon Bank were planted in the early 2000s. After a flurry of bank acquisitions and mergers, home-grown, independent banks nearly vanished from the Memphis landscape. This concerned veteran banker Robert Shaw who believed that small and mid-size businesses in Memphis deserved a local financial partner who really cared about their success.

Shaw hand-picked respected bankers, men and women who shared his vision, and together they founded Paragon National Bank in 2004. Their mission was to always deliver friendly, personalized service and state-of-the-art solutions to help businesses grow. They clearly succeeded because the bank’s neighborly, civic-minded style has attracted legions of loyal customers, resulting in four banking center locations and numerous awards for being the area’s best community bank and a best place to work.

Today, we’re still rooted in — and rooting for — Memphis. But we are thrilled to expand our regional footprint to include our offices in Oxford, MS, Atlanta, GA and Wilmington, NC. Our success with small and mid-size business customers has enabled our Small Business Capital Group to grow and serve businesses around the country.