Determine How Much House You Can Afford



It can be quite exciting to think about buying a new home. You dream of where you want to live and the features you want in your house. However, the biggest discussion you need to have is, “How much house can I afford?” You need to be sure you can make the monthly payments and that your income and lifestyle are attractive to a lender. In addition, you must be able to budget for maintenance of the home, insurance, and emergency repairs. Let’s take a look at ways to calculate how much house you can actually afford.
*Multiply your annual income by three. This is a basic rule of thumb to help calculate the total overall amount of house you can afford. If you make $200,000 annually and multiply that by three, you can afford a home that is approximately $600,000.
*Know your credit score. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate will be, which can give you a higher home value on your income.
*Know the 45% Rule. This is the debt-to-income ratio. Now lenders will look at your student loans, car payments, credit cards, and other debt and divide that by your monthly income. If that ratio is over 45%, lenders are less likely to give you a loan.
These are basic calculations you can do yourself just so you can know the approximate amount you can afford.

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