Why Are Franchise Opportunities That Provide Services So Popular?



And if you have children, things really get hectic. Is it any wonder that franchise businesses that provide time-saving services are popular with both consumers and today’s franchise seekers?


Don’t you wish you had more of it?

More time to devote on the things you want to do as opposed to doing the things you must do? Of course, you do. So, do I. That’s why franchise businesses that provide services to busy consumers are so popular. They free up valuable time.

Services Provided By Franchise Businesses

Raise your hand if you’ve ever moved from one residence to another-or have helped someone do it. Wasn’t it rewarding moving all of that bulky furniture, closets and closets of clothing, along with dozens of over-filled egg boxes to that two-story house? I bet it was painful, too-especially the next day. In hindsight, you (or the person you were helping) probably should’ve hired a mover.

Check out one entrepreneur, (an accidental one) who decided to enter the highly-competitive moving industry. An industry that didn’t see her coming.

Other Services Provided For Stuff You Don’t Want To Do


When was the last time you painted a room? Or your garage? How long did it take you to do it, from beginning to end?

Now, if you happen to enjoy all-day painting projects, fine. But if you don’t, there are more than a few painting franchise businesses that will be more than happy to do the painting for you. 


Are you one half of a dual-income couple? If so, your weekends go by real fast. The last thing you want to do is spend two hours cleaning your house.

That’s where residential cleaning franchises come in. The founders of these service businesses know you’d rather do more uplifting things on the weekend. Having a team of cleaning professionals come by to do a thorough weekly house cleaning is wonderful. You should try it!

Household Repairs

Are you the person responsible for fixing things around the house? If so, do you want to spend your time and energy doing it?

If not, or if you’re not exactly “handy,” don’t despair; handyman services have been around for a long time. And several of them are franchise businesses.

Uniformed employees will arrive at your home (or business) in a branded company vehicle and perform all sorts of fix-it services on an hourly basis. It’s another example of a service that saves time for customers.

Service Franchises As An Opportunity

A business you can own that helps time-starved consumers get some of their time back is attractive to many of today’s prospective franchise owners. Especially when they find out how economically they can be grown.

Growing A Service Franchise Business

The 4 service franchise businesses I gave you an example of are all grown the same way; vehicles and employees are only added as they’re needed.

For example, in most cases, you start your service franchise business with one vehicle and a couple of employees. As word gets out about the services you offer (through your marketing efforts) you’ll start gaining more customers. Once your first vehicle reaches critical mass, you purchase or lease your second one, and add another employee or two. It’s a terrific way to grow a business. You’re not investing money into your business until the business warrants it. It’s one of many advantages of owning a service franchise.

The service sector of franchising is quite popular. If you’re thinking of becoming the owner of a franchise, it may be worth your time to find out more specifics of how these time-saving businesses operate. They’re businesses with built-in demand and may be right for you.

Source: sba.gov

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