Mobile Text Banking

You can enroll yourself into Paragon's Mobile Text Banking by visiting internet banking and making the following changes.

NOTE: You must have an active internet banking username and password to use any of the mobile banking products. Furthermore, Paragon Mobile Text Banking is tied to a specific phone number at enrollment so it is NOT possible for customers to share mobile banking. This means that joint account holders will each need their own internet banking username and password to establish mobile banking for each one of their phones. If you need an internet banking username and password, give our Customer Support Team a call at 901.273.2900 or email us at

  1. Once you have signed in to Online Banking, click Options and choose Mobile Banking.
  1. Click on the Mobile Text Settings submenu.
  1. Check the top two boxes to enable text access and accept the terms and conditions. Input your mobile number and select your wireless provider.
  1. Check the box next to the account(s) to which you would like to have access through mobile text banking. Supply a short name (nickname) for the account(s) you selected and click Submit.
  1. Look over the proposed changes and confirm the entered information is correct by clicking Confirm.


  1. You'll receive a text message to the mobile device you just enrolled, Reply with YES to confirm the changes.
  1. Remember these text commands to receive balance and history information. Sending HELP to 89549 will send you a reminder of the commands.
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