Bank-to-Bank Transfer

You need to get money out of one bank and into Paragon by tomorrow, but the only time you can do this is during today's lunch break. Traffic ends up being awful, and you either miss lunch or end up scarfing down something so fast you can't enjoy it. Unfortunately, this scenario plays out for far too many people every day, but we have a solution made just for this.

Enter Bank-to-Bank Transfer. You can now have money transferred electronically from your account at another bank to your Paragon account or vice versa. The transfer will be made via ACH overnight, and the funds are ready for you to use the next morning. Bank-to-Bank Transfers are easy, quick, and incredibly convenient. Follow the simple steps below to set up an external account and begin making Bank-to-Bank Transfers. Your stomach will thank you.

  • Locate the Account Info tab and click on the Bank-to-Bank Transfer menu. 
  • A brief description of Bank-to-Bank Transfer is presented. Click Enroll if you wish to begin.
  • You will be prompted with the Bank-to-Bank Transfer Service Agreement. After reading the agreement, click the I Agree checkbox followed by Accept.
  • Your external account's information is needed to be set up as a new Bank-to-Bank Transfer account. Click Submit to continue. 
    TIP: Account Name is a nickname that only you will see.
  • As a security measure, you will be required to answer two security questions to verify your identity. Click Submit after submitting your answers.
  • Based on your external account information input, we will attempt to verify your external account by depositing a small amount into it. The next step outlines how to continue with the account verification. However, you may click Return to enroll another external account.
  • After 1-2 business days, check your external account for the small deposited amount. Come back to Paragon's Online Banking and click Enrolled Accounts in the Bank-To-Bank Transfer menu. Enter the amount that was deposited and click Submit. The status will change from Pending to Verified, and you can now use that account for transferring funds externally.
  • To submit a Bank-to-Bank Transfer, click New Transfer in the Bank-to-Bank Transfer menu. Submit the requested information and click Submit.
  • After submitting the information, you will see a message near the top of the screen confirming your Bank-to-Bank Transfer submission.
  • You can view the pending Bank-to-Bank Transfer by clicking on Pending Transfers in the Bank-to-Bank Transfer menu.
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