Mobile Deposit

Make check deposits with your smartphone through the Paragon App!


You live a busy lifestyle and need to be able to take care of your banking business on the go. Now you can make deposits with the Paragon App. Whether you're at home, in the carpool line, or waiting for your morning coffee, you can make deposits anytime, anywhere.


Getting Started with Mobile Deposit


  • Click here to download the Paragon Mobile App.
  • To register for this service, open the Paragon App and choose "deposits" from the pop-out menu.
  • Click here for a step-by-step guide for using Paragon's Mobile Deposit service.
  • After making a deposit keep the check for 60 days before shredding it.
  • Be careful not to deposit a check twice! If you have made a mobile deposit, there is no need for you to bring that check into a banking center.



Q: Is there a fee for this service?
A: No! Mobile Deposit is completely free of charge to you.

Q: Can I shred the check after I make a mobile deposit?
A: You should retain any checks deposited through mobile deposit for 60 days before shredding it.

Q: How should I endorse a check for mobile deposit?
A: Checks must be endorsed "for mobile deposit only" with the signature below.

Q: When will my deposit post to my account?
A: If you make your deposit before 5pm Monday-Friday, your check will post that same day. Deposits made after 5pm or on weekends or holidays will post the next business day.

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