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You need to get money out of one bank and into Paragon by tomorrow, but the only time you can do this is during today's lunch break. Traffic ends up being awful, and you either miss lunch or end up scarfing down something so fast you can't enjoy it. Unfortunately, this scenario plays out for far too many people every day, but we have a solution made just for this.

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Person-to-Person Payments


Token Security

Online fraud has become very aggressive as technology has advanced, and the days of simple Username-Password online protection are long gone. As a result, the regulatory standards on account access have risen. Paragon has always been very intentional in keeping your bank information safe in your hands. Going far above the regulatory standards, we have shown our dedication to combating online fraud by offering extra security measures to help you securely access your bank information. Why? It's because we feel that all of our customers deserve the best security possible. We are, once again, taking the stance of being proactive rather than reactive by offering an additional level of advanced security.


Have you ever wished you could simply log into Online Banking and immediately see your balance, recent transactions, and more? If so, the MyParagon page is just what you've been waiting for.

Offline Mode

Online technology is getting better every day, but scheduled maintenance and connectivity issues are inevitable. To combat this, we've added an Offline Mode feature to Online Banking to make sure you always have access to your accounts.

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