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Reporting a Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Published on April 26, 2013

To report a lost or stolen card via Online Banking:

  • Sign into internet banking.
  • Click “Options.”
  • Click “ATM/Debit Card.”
  • Check the box next to the lost card.
  • Click “Submit.”
  • Contact Customer Service at 901.273.2900 on the next business day to order your replacement card. You may also contact your personal banker to order your replacement card.

To report a lost or stolen card via telephone:

  • Call 901.273.2900.
  • During business hours, a Paragon employee will mark your card as lost or stolen and then reorder your replacement card.
  • After business hours, press 6 to be transferred to the “After Hours Card Center.” Please note that this service is not staffed by Paragon Employees but they are authorized to take your lost or stolen card report.  Please call us on the next business day so that we can verify that your card was accurately blocked and so we can process your card reorder.  The “After Hours Card Center” can be reached directly at 877-300-3509.

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Published on April 25, 2013

Want to stop those paper statements and instead be emailed when a new document is available for viewing? Do you want this service to be free? eDocuments is your solution! Below are the instructions on how to enroll.

    • To enroll in eDocuments, you will need to log in to Online Banking and click on the eDocuments tab as shown below.
    • The eDocuments enrollment requires that you provide your email address, a security phrase, an enrollment passcode, and your agreement to the eDocuments terms and conditions. 
    • Clicking on the ‘Enroll Now’ button submits your eDocuments enrollment request. An enrollment confirmation message will appear as shown below. 
    • You should also receive an email confirmation to the email address you provided. The email address will have your security phrase in the body of the email. You will also see your enrolled account(s) listed. 

    Helpful Tips:

    1. In the event of joint online access to an account, the first online user to enroll the account into eDocuments has full control over enrollment and sole access to that account’s eDocuments. The joint user(s) will not be able to toggle enrollment or see the account’s eDocuments until the initial enroller turns the account’s enrollment off, thereby freeing up the control of enrollment and access to the account’s eDocuments. This feature ensures that users with joint access don’t mistakenly cancel out each other’s request.
    2. The master eDocuments user can sign up additional recipients to have access to the account’s eDocuments. This feature is extremely helpful for joint users of an account who also wish to see the statements or for customers who want their financial advisor or others to have access to their statements without ownership to the account. To create an additional recipient, the master user will need to provide a username, password, and email address for the additional user(s). The master user can also assign which eDocuments the additional recipient has access to.
    3. Your eDocuments history begins building when you enroll. All eDocuments will remain on the system for 18 months.
    4. All eDocuments are in PDF format. It is suggested to have the most recent version of Adobe Reader installed.
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    Security Tokens

    Published on April 25, 2013

    Online fraud has become very agressive as technology has advanced, and the days of simple Username-Password online protection are long gone. As a result, the regulatory standards on account access have risen. Paragon has always been very intentional in keeping your bank information safe in your hands. Going far above the regulatory standards, we have shown our dedication to combatting online fraud by offering extra security measures to help you securely access your bank information. Why? It's because we feel that all of our customers deserve the best security possible. We are, once again, taking the stance of being proactive rather than reactive by offering a new level of advanced security.

    This new level of advanced security is the implementation of Security Tokens. These tokens generate a unique security code that you enter in addition to your other credentials for safe and secure account access. Each generated code has a lifetime of only thirty seconds, severely crippling the chances of online fraud. Furthermore, each token has its own serial number that is registered and synced to your credentials through Online Banking. This registration keeps other tokens from being used and can only be reset by contacting us.

    Offered at a nominal fee, the Security Tokens are available in two forms.

    Virtual Security Token

    The Virtual Security Token is installed on a mobile device such as smart phone, tablet, or personal media player as long as it has an active internet connection. The Virtual Security Token is an excellent choice because it's installed on a device that you will more than likely have on you at all times. Also, your chosen mobile device may have its own password protection that could act as yet another layer of security to your bank information.


    Physical Security Token

    The Physical Security Token is great if you don't have an internet-enabled mobile device. It's also wonderful for those who wish to have extreme control of access to their account as the physical token is able to be kept under lock and key.

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    Bank-to-Bank Transfer

    Published on April 24, 2013

    You need to get money out of one bank and into Paragon by tomorrow, but the only time you can do this is during today's lunch break. Traffic ends up being awful, and you either miss lunch or end up scarfing down something so fast you can't enjoy it. Unfortunately, this scenario plays out for far too many people every day, but we have a solution made just for this.

    Enter Bank-to-Bank Transfer. You can now have money transferred electronically from your account at another bank to your Paragon account or vice versa. The transfer will be made via ACH overnight, and the funds are ready for you to use the next morning. Bank-to-Bank Transfers are easy, quick, and incredibly convenient. Follow the simple steps below to set up an external account and begin making Bank-to-Bank Transfers. Your stomach will thank you.

            • Locate the Account Info tab and click on the Bank-to-Bank Transfer menu.
            • A brief description of Bank-to-Bank Transfer is presented. Click Enroll if you wish to begin.

            • You will be prompted with the Bank-to-Bank Transfer Service Agreement. After reading the agreement, click the I Agree checkbox followed by Accept.

            • Your external account's information is needed to be set up as a new Bank-to-Bank Transfer account. Click Submit to continue. TIP: Account Name is a nickname that only you will see.
            • As a security measure, you will be required to answer two security questions to verify your identity. Click Submit after submitting your answers.

            • Based on your external account information input, we will attempt to verify your external account by depositing a small amount into it. The next step outlines how to continue with the account verification. However, you may click Return to enroll another external account.

            • After 1-2 business days, check your external account for the small deposited amount. Come back to Paragon's Online Banking and click Enrolled Accounts in the Bank-To-Bank Transfer menu. Enter the amount that was deposited and click Submit. The status will change from Pending to Verified, and you can now use that account for transferring funds externally.
            • To submit a Bank-to-Bank Transfer, click New Transfer in the Bank-to-Bank Transfer menu. Submit the requested information and click Submit.
            • After submitting the information, you will see a message near the top of the screen confirming your Bank-to-Bank Transfer submission.

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            Published on April 24, 2013

            Have you ever wished you could simply log into Online Banking and immediately see your balance, recent transactions, and more? If so, the MyParagon page is just what you've been waiting for.

            MyParagon is a one-stop shop for all of your latest account activity and more. This customizable page allows you to add, delete, and arrange widgets in almost any order that you would like. You’ll be able to quickly find balances, transactions, alerts, messages, statements, and lots more. There's even a widget that offers quick tips and tricks. Click "Set As Start Page" in the top-left corner if you want to take advantage of MyParagon every time you sign in. Click "Configure This Page" to begin customizing and arranging your widgets the way you want.

            • Arrange your MyParagon page the way you want it.

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            Offline Mode

            Published on April 24, 2013

            Online technology is getting better every day, but scheduled maintenance and connectivity issues are inevitable. To combat this, we've added an Offline Mode feature to Online Banking to make sure you always have access to your accounts.

            Offline Mode is a view-only option that allows you to log in to Online Banking with access to limited information and features when our host system is unavailable. While in Offline Mode, a displayed system message and time stamp inform you of when the given account information was last considered current.

            What's available in Offline Mode?
          1. MyParagon - Limited availability of some widgets
          2. Account listing with balances
          3. Transaction History
          4. Bill Pay
          5. Message Center

          6. What's not available in Offline Mode?
          7. Transfers
          8. Statements
          9. Options/Settings
          10. Password Self-Reset
          11. Cash Management
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