Security Tokens

Memphis, TN - April 11, 2013

This new level of advanced security is the implementation of Security Tokens. These tokens generate a unique security code that you enter in addition to your other credentials for safe and secure account access. Each generated code has a lifetime of only thirty seconds, severely crippling the chances of online fraud. Furthermore, each token has its own serial number that is registered and synced to your credentials through Online Banking. This registration keeps other tokens from being used and can only be reset by contacting us.

Offered at a nominal fee, the Security Tokens are available in two forms.

Virtual Security Token

The Virtual Security Token is installed on a mobile device such as smart phone, tablet, or personal media player as long as it has an active internet connection. The Virtual Security Token is an excellent choice because it's installed on a device that you will more than likely have on you at all times. Also, your chosen mobile device may have its own password protection that could act as yet another layer of security to your bank information. 

Physical Security Token

The Physical Security Token is great if you don't have an internet-enabled mobile device. It's also wonderful for those who wish to have extreme control of access to their account as the physical token is able to be kept under lock and key. 

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