Fraud, Scams, and Identity Theft

How Paragon is protecting your identity and preventing theft and fraud

How to determine a fraudulent phone call:

There are many fraudsters claiming to represent legitimate fraud detection services that are looking to steal your account information through email and phone scams. If there is a suspicious charge on your Paragon debit card, you will be notified either by the Jack Henry Fraud Center or Paragon Bank. Read through the information below to learn how to tell the difference between a legitimate phone call from the Jack Henry Fraud Center and a scam.


If there was a suspicious transaction on your Paragon debit card:

  • The phone call comes from a live person. The Fraud Center will NEVER be a recording and will never call after 9pm.
  • The phone call comes from a listed number. The Fraud Center will never call from an unlisted number.
  • The Fraud Center already has the information on your latest transactions. For example, they might ask, “Did you just use your debit card at XYZ merchant for X amount?” in order to determine whether or not the charge was legitimate.
  • The Fraud Center will never ask you for your account information or your personal information.
  • If the Fraud Center leaves you a voicemail, they will not ask you to call back. Instead, the voicemail will instruct you to reach out to Paragon regarding suspicious charges.

Phone calls from the Fraud Center are the result of specific rules used to determine suspicious charges based on your spending habits. Some of these rules include transactions that have an unusually high dollar account, transactions outside of the state or region, or the use of your debit card multiple instances at the same retailer in a short period of time.

To catch fraudulent charges even sooner, sign up for Guardian Text Alerts from Paragon. Guardian Text Alerts notifies you via text message every time your debit card is used and gives you the ability to alert the Fraud Center to a fraudulent transaction by simply replying to the text with a code. To sign up visit


What you can do to prevent fraud:

We have multiple systems and procedures in place, such as the Fraud Center, to prevent fraud. Here are some things you can do to prevent theft and fraud via the Internet or computer viruses.

  • Install antivirus software. Norton, McAfee and AVG are a few good options.
  • Be wary of suspicious e-mails. Don’t click through an e-mail from an unknown website or open an attachment form someone you don’t know.
  • Be wary of phishing schemes. Paragon will never ask for your financial information in an email. No matter how official the email may look, do not click on the links in these e-mails, but rather notify Paragon or the company cited in the e-mail.
  • Keep your computer software up to date.
  • Create strong passwords and secure your personal information.


If you have any questions or concerns about a suspicious charge or scam attempt, please give us a call at 901.273.2900.

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