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The ATM Skimming Solution

Memphis, TN - June 20, 2016

In today’s issue of The Commercial Appeal, we saw yet another instance of financial fraud – ATM skimming. You can check out the full article here. As you may be aware, this is a very common type of crime, with at least 399 cases of credit card and ATM fraud reported in Memphis in the last three months. So, as a consumer, what are you supposed to do? Check every single ATM and debit card terminal you use? Carry only cash instead of cards? Fortunately, there is a better solution that we can offer you: Guardian Text Alerts.

How do text alerts deter fraud?

Criminals are smart, and they figure out how to get around every security system in some way or another. Text alerts keeps your debit card fraud from escalating out of control.

  • Receive a text message every time your card is used. If your debit card is used somewhere you haven’t been, you’ll know almost immediately.
  • Shut down your card with a text. Each text alert contains an eight digit code. If you see a fraudulent transaction, reply to the text with that code and your card is shut down instantly.
  • Stop fraud in real time. When you shut down your debit card with a code, you prevent any further transactions from taking place on your card. Goodbye fraudsters!

If you want to enroll in text alerts, click here. If you aren’t a Paragon customer, but want the protection of text alerts, call us today to get started with a Paragon checking account and debit card – 901.273.2900. Click here to print out our “rescue kit” and get started moving your account or opening a new one. 

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