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3 MORE Ways to Save Money When Shopping

Memphis, TN - March 02, 2016

Previously we gave you three tips for easy ways to save on your totals when shopping either in the store or online.  Here we have three MORE tips to give you about ways to stay in budget and in control of your checkout total!


Take advantage of store specific loyalty programs.

Many of these cards are probably already part of your current shopping habits like the Kroger Plus Card, Walgreens Balance Rewards, and CVS’s ExtraCare Rewards Program.  But are you taking full advantage of what these programs have to offer? Many times these cards are the only way to receive specific deals and prices advertised in the store, but they have other sometimes less obvious ways of saving money as well. Create a Kroger account online to load free digital coupons onto your card.  And take advantage of the Fuel Points you automatically build up to have a really low total at the gas pump!

Walgreens and CVS programs have ways of building up points that you can use towards future purchases.  If you’re strategic about combining this with coupons, you can hit a gold mine. Be sure to check out the specific rules to these programs as each program functions in a different way.

Some other rewards cards to check out include Panera Bread (free coffee? YES); Dunkin Donuts (again – FREE COFFEE); Sephora; Staples, etc. And many casual dining restaurants have their own types of frequent buyer programs.


Investigate store credit cards – especially if you’re a frequent shopper at that store.

First a disclaimer: it’s never a good idea to apply for a new credit card just for the discount. Wreaking havoc on your credit just for 10% off – never worth it. Also keep in mind that generally these store cards have high interest rates and low credit limits.

But if you find yourself making weekly trips to Target for groceries, clothes, office supplies, housewares…the Target RedCard might start to look pretty sweet.  The RedCard, along with others like Lowe’s credit card, automatically gives you 5% off of every purchase. Amazon.com has a card that gives points back on your purchases and allows you to pay with your points at checkout. Gap’s credit card is another card that allows you to accrue points to redeem at a later shopping trip.

As always, be sure to check out the specific cards for details and qualifications.


Know your store.

When does Target mark down their products? When does your grocery store restock and markdown? When is Macy’s running it’s next sale? This information is easy to locate either online or by asking a store employee. That way you can be the first in line when they start marking down last season’s clothes.

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