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2016 Year in Review Poem - Happy Holidays!

Memphis, TN - December 21, 2016

The holidays each year gives us a reason
To craft a few lines as we celebrate the season.
So curl up by the fire and prepare to hear
The story of Paragon's 2016 year.

This year can be summed up with one word alone.
Paragon saw GROWTH - and oh how we've grown!
We've added new faces to the Paragon team
And had the most profitable quarter the bank's ever seen!

Our numbers grew in more ways than just one;
Grandbaby Jayce is here to join the fun.
Seeing coworkers succeed makes all of us merry
With promotions for Kathleen, Chondrea, and Debbie.

We have two new divisions this year to show you
First, Specialty Lending with Tee Shipmon's crew.
And Kin's now in Oxford for Paragon to grow
To a brand new state where he works with gusto.

We want you to know our employees are stellar,
So we celebrate Employee Appreciation Week together.
They voted for us for awards we all cheer
As finalists for "Best Workplace" in the MBJ and CA this year!

Our lobbies were trimmed to our customers' delight
For the Grizzlies and Hawks through the long playoff nights.
We're grateful for you and want you to know it;
With Customer Appreciation Day we do our best to show it!

Bankers sound serious, but we like to cut loose
With an evening at Stax and a Riverboat Cruise.
We love spending time with our Paragon team
With parties and potlucks or serving those with less means.

We got our hands dirty while helping our town
Like working with Habitat to turn a house around.
Sorting cans at the Food Bank, helping kids at NCC
Puts smiles on the faces around here with ease.

Our lobbies held art from the kids around town,
And the Book It 5K made our hearts start to pound!
The Hawkins Mill kids fill our hearts up with cheer,
And our work with Le Bonheur and United Way we hold dear.

Our wish kid named Walker got quite a surprise
When we transformed our lobby before his eyes
To a warm island paradise where he did hear
That his trip to Hawaii soon would be near.

And so was the story of 2016,
But before we close there's just one more thing -
A big Happy Holidays from Team Paragon to you!
We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too!

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