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6 Ways Your Smart Phone Can Help You Take Control of Your Finances

Memphis, TN - January 06, 2016

It’s inevitable now – anywhere you go, most of us feel like something’s missing if we don’t have our smartphone at our side.  Sure, they’re great for texting, Facebook stalking, and checking football scores, but they can also be a vital tool to helping you gain control of your finances and be an alert and aware consumer. Here are a few ways your smartphone can be one of the best assets in your financial toolbox.

Prevent fraud and stop it when it occurs.

It seems that everyday we hear of another mega-retailer that has had their debit card transactions compromised, and many of us have fallen victim to fraud as a result. Your mobile phone can be used to give you up to the minute details on where your debit card is being swiped and stop fraud in its tracks. Get a text every time there’s a swipe with programs such as our Guardian text alerts. Are you one of the unfortunate many to be a victim of debit card fraud? Shut down your debit card anywhere you are at anytime from your phone. Paragon even let’s you take care of that in an app. Goodbye fraudsters.

Monitor your account balances anywhere.

About to make a large purchase but can’t remember your balance? Never fear because mobile banking is here! Keep up to date on your account transactions on the go through services like mobile banking apps and text banking. Plus you can transfer money to and from your accounts if you need a few extra dollars for that new Apple watch you’ve been eyeing.

Resolve those lingering IOUs.

You head out for lunch with a friend and as soon as you sit down at the table, you realize that your wallet is sitting at home on the counter.  Fortunately, your friend can cover your hamburger and fries. Eliminate that friendly debt with Person-2-Person payments, and pay babysitters, friends, and family on the spot.

Become a budget master.

Budgets are essential to good money management, but, for those of us who aren’t Excel wizards, tracking them can be yet another challenge to face on the road to financial control. There are an abundance of apps for your smartphone that not only track your accounts, but also help you create a budget and put your transactions in those budget categories.  Some of the more popular apps for these tools are cross-platform programs such as Mint and Mvelopes that can help you keep track all of your spending on the go.

Avoid pesky late fees.

Everyone hates that sinking feeling when you realize the utility bill is due today, and you have yet to pay up.  Set up bill pay and take care of that business the moment your stomach starts to sink. With this feature you can be certain that you can beat bill deadlines anywhere you may be.

Or you can always go old school.

No smart phone, no problem.  Put that Motorola Razr to work with tried and true telephone banking.  Call anytime day or night to get your balances and take care of business. Our ParaDirect number is 901.333.0260 where you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In conclusion…

Are you fully taking advantage of the potential for financial control in your smartphone? The mobile phone has completely changed many aspects of modern life and the ability to handle your money anywhere you are is one of the many benefits. Let us know in the comments how you keep financially fit on the go! 

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