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Cash Management Solutions for Your Business: The Paragon One Card

Memphis, TN - October 05, 2015

We are excited to introduce the addition of the Paragon Visa One Card to our Cash Management suite of products.  The Paragon One Card is a non-revolving charge, non-interest-bearing card that allows a business to make electronic payments to vendors that accept Visa.

With this powerful solution, you can:

·      Automate payment and reconciliation processes
·      Simplify administrative tasks and maximize cost savings
·     Reduce paperwork including requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and checks
·      Enhance cash management with cycle-based payments

Paragon One Card provides you with built-in levels of security.  The one card is the right solution to:

·      Manage purchasing and business travel expenses
·      Centralize payment and corporate liability
·      Monitor compliance with spending policies and negotiated volume thresholds
·      Integrate transaction data seamlessly with your financial systems
·      Tailor the program to meet the unique needs of your organization

If you would like to learn more about Paragon One Card contact Lisa Barden at (901) 322-0623 or lisa.barden@bankparagon.com. To learn more about Paragon’s Cash Management suite of products and how they can help your business operations, visit www.bankparagon.com/business/cash-management.

Cash Management  Paragon One Card

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