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2015 Year in Review Poem - Happy Holidays!

Memphis, TN - December 18, 2015

2015 flew by as we celebrated with you
Our TENTH anniversary, can you believe it's true?
So we'd like to present TEN reasons to cheer
In this rhyming verse, as we do each year.

ONE, we had new employees for every niche
Julia, Sanjay, and Teresa Beach.
Carl and Martin came from near and far,
Plus Troy, Kristin, and Carolyn who are raising the bar.

TWO, our Paragon family grew in more ways than one
With grandbabies Alice, James, and Christa Eggleston.
Luke Cullinan and Connor O'Hearn are the new little guys.
Brian was married and wedding bells will ring for Tye.

THREE, Team Paragon outdid themselves with no small commotion.
Cheryl and Tracey earned themselves a promotion.
And promotions for Sylvia and Daniel in Atlanta, too.
Dorothy was named an MBJ Business Superwoman - a big to do!

FOUR, we received many awards we blush to admit.
We were an MBJ Small Business Awards finalist!
Then our employees voted us, we're proud to say,
As a "Best Places To Work" finalist in the MBJ and CA!

FIVE, our Team celebrated 10 years together
With cookouts and outings for team building pleasure.
Celebrating the Grizz and Hawks is something we adore,
And Employee Appreciation Week is never a bore!

SIX, the highlight of our celebrations, you see,
Was being able to give back to our community.
We had 10 organizations that we've loved through 10 years,
And gave back "10 for 10" with events and great cheers.

SEVEN, we have partnered with two groups whose real specialty
Is encouraging small business, and all they can be.
The Germantown Chamber's gala kicked off the year,
And Paragon hosted the Society of Entrepreneurs here. 

EIGHT, we cheer the non-profits that help our kids grow
Like Hawkins Mill, Child Advocacy, and the St. Agnes art show.
Our Make a Wish grant was a "Frozen" delight
With an ice castle for Ana and six Disney World nights.

NINE, we helped folks serving those with less means,
Like the Food Bank where we sorted out jelly and beans.
With Habitat we repaired the home of Ms. V.
Then ran the Book It 5K and gave to United Way pleas.

TEN, we want to celebrate you!
Who brought us to this landmark, so without further ado,
As we close out this year and relive it in rhyme,
We wish you Happy Holidays from Paragon for the TENTH time.

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