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Paragon Grants Another Wish

Memphis, TN - November 04, 2005

Paragon employees granted a wish to Gabby Rutledge - made possible by our customers who have opened new accounts at Paragon.

Dora the Explorer & Tracey Wilson greeted Gabby

Dora the Explorer & Tracey Wilson greeted Gabby

During the February 2005, grand opening celebration, we announced that $10 would be given to Make-A-Wish of the Mid-South for every new account until Paragon could grant a wish to a child with a life-threatening illness.

When our goal was reached, employees at Paragon divided into five groups to prepare separate areas of the Fountain Place offices for granting the wish. Kim Hall, who played Dora the Explorer, and Tracey Wilson, who played the tour guide, greeted Gabby and her family at the entrance of Fountain Place. Gabby followed clues from one area of the bank to another playing games and solving puzzles. Areas decorated and visited by Gabby and her family included Lollipop Forest, Lily Pad Lake, Treasure Island, Care-A-Lot, and finally Cinderella’s Ball. At each stop employees were dressed in costumes that fit the theme of the area.

Gabby celebrates with her Paragon friends!

Gabby celebrates with her Paragon friends!

At the last stop, Gabby was surprised by an invitation to Cinderella’s Ball. She was given a ball gown, “glass” slippers, and a crown to wear. Her fairy godmother, played by Dorothy Cleaves, escorted Gabby to the Chevron Suite, where she was greeted by Prince Charming (Cary Allen). Prince Charming presented her with flowers and a large box. Minnie Mouse (Janie Day) popped out of the box, and Gabby was informed that her wish to go to Disney World had been granted.

Gabby and her family enjoyed the wish granting - Paragon employees were genuinely gratified by the experience. They look forward to the next wish. As announced at the Fountain Place grand opening, $10 will again be given to Make-A-Wish for each new account opened until another wish can be granted.

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