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FDIC Cautions About Fraudulent Emails

Memphis, TN - November 03, 2009

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation announced that it has received numerous reports of fraudulent emails appearing to have been sent from the FDIC.

These emails are not from the FDIC, and they stressed that they do not issue unsolicited emails to consumers. Recipients of the emails are encouraged to simply delete them.

According to www.fdic.gov, the subject line of the email states: "Check your Bank Deposit Insurance Coverage," and the body of the email goes on to state that the recipient has an account at a bank which has failed. They are then directed to a fraudulent link which the FDIC says is most likely an attempt to collect personal information which may be used to conduct identity theft.

Paragon President & CEO Robert Shaw said, "These fraudulent emails should not be viewed as an indication of what banks have failed. However, I can assure you that Paragon is not on any list of failed or failing banks. We continue to grow deposits and be well-capitalized."

For more information about this and other consumer alerts, visit http://www.fdic.gov/consumers/consumer/alerts/index.html.


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