Board of Directors

In 2004, a group of men and women came together to organize Paragon Bank, pooling their resources, talents, and networks to produce a first-rate financial institution. Working side-by-side with Paragon's organizing officers, the Board of Directors raised the most capital ever for a new bank in Shelby County.

Post ribbon-cutting, the long-term health of a bank depends on a strong, independent, and attentive board. A board sets the overall tone and direction of the bank and establishes guidelines on the nature and amount of risk the bank may take.


Steve Bargiacchi - ProTech Systems Group
Napoleon L. Cassibry lll - Vining Sparks IBG
Glenn W. Cofield - Barnes Pettey Financial Advisors, LLC
Michael A. Edwards - Paragon Bank
James F. Freeman MD - MECA
Mary H. McDaniel - Retired FedEx Executive
John T. Novarese, Jr. - Addison Capital Advisors
Christian J. Saenger - Abson Health, LLC
Rudi Scheidt Jr. - Commissum Capital Management, LLC
Robert S. Shaw Jr. - Paragon Bank
Pete A. Stark - Physicians Pharmacy Alliance, Inc.
Anita S. Vaughn - retired Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women Executive
Craig L. Weiss - Tower Ventures, Central Defense Security

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